Day 8

Keeping It Real

These dedicated young performers are doing their part to help preserve the tradition of clogging. Reporter Paige Moffis and photographer Adam Vigil visited with them between dances in Gatlinburg.

Taking It to the Streets

A group of students who were learning about bluegrass and traditional music at the same school realized they had the ingredients to start their own band. Now they are part of the summer fun in Gatlinburg. Kimberly Moore and Dylan Walker produced this feature during our day in Tennessee.

Gatlinburg Sampler

Jodie Putman and her photographer, Paulina Doran, realized you can get a lot of stuff for free in Gatlinburg if you just ask. See how successful they were finding free fun for this feature.



The Producers


"Dream Team in the back...go wait under the bus." Mariah Volz said while posing for the group picture.

"Hey, I'm a suburban dad," Chandler Reed said while dancing in the restaurant.

"This is what I get for talking," said Jessica Larson as we learn we are at a karaoke restaurant just for Jess and the other HTV songbirds who had mentioned they wanted to go to just such a place during the trip.

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