Day 9

Skater Park

Reporter Kaley Prier and Photographer Nick Nutting meet some dedicated skate boarders who take advantage of Louisville’s nationally-recognized skatepark on a regular basis. One of the skaters they visited with comes from a surprising demographic.

No GPS Needed

Kenzie Medley and Sarah Thomas met a cab driver whose family has been getting customers from here to there for decades. He is a Louisville native who definitely knows his way around the city.



The Producers


"Dream Team in the back...go wait under the bus." Mariah Volz said while posing for the group picture.

"Hey, I'm a suburban dad," Chandler Reed said while dancing in the restaurant.

"This is what I get for talking," said Jessica Larson as we learn we are at a karaoke restaurant just for Jess and the other HTV songbirds who had mentioned they wanted to go to just such a place during the trip.

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